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Learn English in Hong Kong

About how to speed up the learning process and not quit classes in a week.

There is no secret method to learn a language in a month. If someone promises you a miracle - do not believe it. But the process can be accelerated in order to overcome the barrier in half a year and finally speak English. Lifehacker and "元朗補習" English online school experts share simple tips.

1. Learn online learn english: study online It is online classes that help you learn fast. Going bad weather to the other end of the city is lazy, and the Internet is always at hand. Adapting your schedule to the course schedule, agreements with teachers, spending time on the road - all this bothers and slows down the process. Choose online courses. What makes life easier increases motivation.

Online classes are also good because all materials, texts, videos, dictionaries are collected in one place: in the application or on the site. And homework is completely checked automatically right as they are completed.

2. Learn at your leisure Do not limit yourself to lesson time. Learning a language is not only doing exercises. You can upgrade the skill by listening to songs and podcasts or reading English-language bloggers. Everyone knows how important it is to watch movies and TV shows with English subtitles, but not everyone is aware that there are special training applications for this. Skyeng online translators are associated with the application of the same name on your phone, so that new words can be repeated at any time.

For example, if you install a special extension in Google Chrome, you can read any texts in English, and when you hover over a word or phrase, you can immediately see their translation. Same thing with subtitles for online movie theaters. Each word can be translated directly in the course of viewing. These words are added to your personal dictionary and sent to the mobile application, where you can repeat and memorize them in your free time.

Skyeng even has special free English courses, invented on the basis of Harry Potter films and the Sherlock series. In general, the more English there will be around you outside the lessons, the faster you will move forward.